About Canine Corner

Meet the Owner

10245422_721572787902572_7582255132014347104_nWendy Booth, Business Owner & Master Dog Groomer

Wendy became the owner of Canine Corner in 1980 after leaving “corporate” and completing dog grooming school.  Making a dream a goal she relocated and dove into this active business with shears in hand. In 1990 Wendy became a National Certified Master Groomer (NCMG) and opened her 4th location in Colorado Springs. By mid 90’s Wendy realized the needs of her family and started to downsize. By 1999 Wendy was able to consolidate and move her intimate grooming business home. In 2001 Wendy applied for and was accepted by National Dog Groomer Association. to work as a Certified in their Master program. Today, Wendy is National’s Certification Coordinator and works part time for them traveling to conduct workshops and test sights and/or attending National trade shows and seminars through out the US. She also breeds, raises and shows Westies with her husband and have “Cameron’s Westies” , plus 2 kitty boys.  It is safe to say that Wendy has gone to the dogs..

History of Canine Corner

Established in 1980. Canine Corner Logo colorado springs dog grooming

Professional dog and cat grooming services on the old west side of Colorado Springs. Business is now home based  in a quiet, safe environment.  By appointment only, our groomer is a National Certified Master Groomer.  We provide:

  • Pet grooming services
  • De-shedding treatments
  • Breed-specific styling
  • Brush and bath services
  • Hand Stripping services
  • Pawdicures Only

Don’t forget cat grooming is also available, unless kitty decides differently. Our facilities are state licensed. *Caring*Passionate*Educated*


Pre-book for the entire year and get the days and times you want!

  • Pre-book for at least 12 visits within a year and get 1 free service during that year
  • Pre-book at least 8 appointments within a year and get 1/2 off the price of a service during that year

Refer a new client and YOU get a $10.00 credit on your next service!

  • Make sure they give you or your pet’s name

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